What if you used tokens and cryptocurrencies all the time, every day? How would you keep track of all your activities and know when transactions affected you? Enter: WalletFeed!

WalletFeed allows you to register the Ethereum addresses you care about so you can stay up to date and never miss an important transaction. Get push notifications, so you never have to worry about missing that paycheck, or whether your niece received that Crpytokitty she wanted for her birthday.

Here are some features we developed:

  • Receive push notifications for the wallet transactions
  • Watch list for monitoring multiple wallets
  • Monitor both ERC20 and ERC721 tokens
  • Metadata display

Here are features in the pipeline:

  • Marketplace with 0x
  • Buy/Sell/Auction with Fiat support with Wyre
  • Monitor transactions from a contract

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