It all started when we sat down to make an educational game for kids who never used crypto or web3 before and use tokens as rewards for achievement.

Turned out that we couldn’t just start developing, there were a couple of unsolved issues that we had to solve first.

  • If we want an immediate feedback loop for a kid to appreciate learning and the value of digital assets, he has to be able buy real stuff with them or just withdraw cash.

  • If we want a kid and a parent to even start using the game, we can’t confuse them with private keys and seed phrases first but allow gradual increase in responsibility.

  • And if we don’t want to leave a kid’s public address unprotected from harmful content, we need to allow parent to filter what’s appropriate for their child.

So we started designing a solution…

What it does

We propose a new crypto wallet and a parental control app that achieves all of the above and abstracts away all the parent-child shared account and onboarding hassle from the app, letting the developers focus solely on creating worthwhile experiences for the kids.

Its features:

  1. Easy onboarding through a pop-up:
    1. customizable levels of security depending on the age of the child, digital literacy of the parent and the total value of the assets held
    2. starting with custodial wallet, in time progressing to simple self-custody with a wallet app for the kid
    3. depending on age of the child: no password, image password, simple password, 2FA, simple self-custody
    4. depending on digital literacy: simple password, 2FA, simple self-custody for the parent
    5. *gradually teaches kids how to be responsible and protect their assets
  2. Easy withdrawal/deposit for the child
    1. a click of a button in a game using our wallet let’s the kid request withdrawal of the funds
    2. parent will be notified and guided in the parental control app to approve sending the funds to a parent’s exchange account of choice and will withdraw cash (or the other way around for depositing)
  3. Peace of mind for the parent
    1. Approving incoming NFT transactions to prevent harmful content from being displayed to the kid
    2. Whitelisting trusted dapps (games) so that parent doesn’t need to approve incoming and outgoing transactions
  4. Easy development
    1. SDK calls take care of the complex parent-child registration, onboarding and progressing through gradual increase in responsibility of the kid
    2. generic wallet API that doesn’t require any knowledge about parent-child interactions from the developer

Side effect: it opens the floodgates for the new generation to populate web3 in an easy and secure way and creating the first truly web3-native generation thanks to valuable educational apps that introduce kids to web3 in a fun way and motivate them to learn using tokens.

How we'll build it

A lot of work went into architecture and developer friendly design:

  1. Smart contract account based on Argent open-source code-base using multi-sig, transaction protection, guardians, trusted in-game sessions, recovery and two-factor authentication option.
  2. JS SDK for interacting with the account with a familiar API.
  3. A parental control (web) app.

Challenges we ran into

  1. "we dont want another wallet" - developers when we started with in-app open-source wallet-core
  2. “ok, we don’t want a parent to rug-pull the kid”
  3. “hmm, how do we gradually increase kid’s awareness that he is responsible for the token he holds”

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Solving (at least conceptually) all of the above!

  1. → easy SDK + API
  2. → guardian permissions from Argent letting the parent only approve the child’s requests
  3. → different complexities of passwords introduced at different stages of child’s development

What we learned

  • How challanging creating smart contract wallets it is right now!
  • How helpful developments like account abstractions available on StarkNet and zkSync v2 will be!

What's next for Wallet·E

Our roadmap:

  • make friends with (or find an Eve for our WALLet·E):

    • smart contract dev
    • react+js dev
  • build SDK transactions and onboarding where child is not responsible for their account

  • build backend server for custodial wallet and SDK API calls

  • build parental control app

  • build child wallet app

  • add options to onboarding SDK for different ages and levels of responsibility

  • (finally!) start developing literacy + numeracy crypto game for children aged 10-12 in South America

Built With

  • figma
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