Art that makes you move.

Dream a world where art exhibitions took place in virtual spaces, visible only to those interested, having no space limit and setup cost. A chance for artists to exhibit their work and sell it as NFT.


For the art-lovers. Going to a gallery abroad in New York from Zurich is hard. Why not bring the artwork to your town instead, and explore it while incorporating movement to your life?

For the artists. Installing an artwork physically has its own costs. How about having a tool where you could place your installation in wherever you want without any physical restrictions with the chance of keeping your anonimity?

What it does

This project enables the artist to have their work published on various landscapes all over the world. With Wallery, we both provide the artists a tool to see their artwork in real world without the need of physically placing them. In addition, some of the artworks can be controversial or the artists may want to keep their anonimity. By installing their works to real-world through Wallery, we give the artists much more freedom.

Art-lovers on the other hand, get to see and buy the NFTs of the artists by finding them walking around close to artwork's location.

How we built it

We develop our application for Android, using the augmented reality framework ARCore. For NFT creation and transaction, we choose Solana network.


With our application, artists can create their NFT's, publish it on specific location and have their art viewed by curious eyes. An interested person can purchase it through decentralized network, which enables direct transaction.

  • Royalties for artists. Artists can have royalties for their artwork, which is not possible on traditional world. Normally, if an artwork is sold to someone, that person can sell it to someone else and artist cannot take any profit from it. With our app, we give artist an opportunity to take royalties from occurring purchases.

  • Liberality for art environment. Currently, most artwork needs an exhibition or a gallery to be viewed. Our app gives artist the chance to share their work viewed in any location.

  • Mobility for buyers. The world is moving into a direction where people are pushed into their homes, it is whether frustrating, if not irritating to enjoy a good time. The new generation has enormous time spent on their home, sitting or lying, which creates unhealthy conditions for their body. Another interesting thing about the new generation is their interest on decentralization of internet, blockchain technologies have it's young followers. We give people to stroll in newly installed galleries and explore the city in a brand new way.

What's next

We believe the scene will only here to expand, having different mediums of art everywhere in earth. We believe it would be a nice touch to add 3D reconstructed sculptures, generated performances and reality bending architectural installments. We would like to provide tools for art world to create their environment in their own setting, reducing the boundaries of this world.

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