There are many poster walls scattered throughout campus, and every time we pass by one, we feel as if there was some opportunity lost.

What it does

Automagically acquires event information from multiple posters on a wall simultaneously

How we built it

First, we wrote a camera app to send photos to a server hosted on Amazon Web Services. The server then uses OpenCV to isolate individual posters. Then, we applied Google OCR to recognize characters from the posters, which uses machine learning. Finally, the server parses the text it recognized for dates, and emails you those events in an ICS format.

Challenges we ran into

Google Authentication, PHP variables, executing Python from PHP, multiple color edge detection, sleep deprivation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most everything works, when accounting for the limitations of the Google OCR and the hardware camera resolution.

What we learned

Do not trust the Google tutorials for obtaining the SHA1 fingerprint. Instead, go to Stack Overflow. (SO is love, SO is life.)

What's next for WallCal

Implement a Tinder-like interface in the app that allows users to select which events to add to the ICS file. Improve the Computing Vision algorithms. Improve the NLP to intelligently look for event information. Port to Apple devices.

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