Building a good portfolio isn't an easy task. As young professionals entering the world of finance, we couldn't find a cohesive platform to give us the guidance we needed to invest. This gave us the idea to develop - a dashboard which collates useful data pertaining to a stock ticker.

What it does

The features we have in mind include:

  • The user has to enter the stock ticker of their choice.
  • A dashboard is displayed which has
    • a plot of the historical data of the stock
    • an indicator highlighting the sentiments that people currently have towards the reliability of the stock.
    • a real-time news feed with relevant articles and the associated sentiments.
    • a projection of the expected stock value using a predictive model.

With the help of these data points, the user can make informed decisions about their investments.

Technology Stack

  • Scripting language - Python
  • Framework - Flask
  • Predictive model framework - TensorFlow
  • Front-end - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap
  • API - Aylien, Twitter, AlphaVantage

Future improvements

This idea can be elevated by including stock filtering options. We can learn from the users current portfolio to provide more customized decisions.

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