A smart trash can that is aimed to prevent contamination and promote environmental awareness and sustainability. Designed from the ground-up for user convenience, education, and usage in public spaces.

What it does

1. Sorts recyclables and nonrecyclables into two separate bins in the trash can by using machine learning.

Just toss your trash in and WALL-ECO will do all the work! Worry less about trash contamination and have fun protecting the environment!

2. Educations users on which items they throw in are recyclable.

A LED indicator on the smart trash can will flash green and wave at the user if the item is recyclable and red if the item is nonrecyclable. There are many times when people are unsure whether their trash is recyclable or not, so by allowing them to throw their trash into a single bin which automatically sorts itself into recyclable and nonrecyclable bins, the user can also learn what items are recyclable in the future!

3. Power efficient

An ultrasonic sensor, mini-camera, and solar-charging battery allows for WALL-ECO to be placed in public areas such as schools and parks.

4. Optional features

WALL-ECO can also be configured to include a text-to-speech system that states environmental facts to the user based on the trash they threw in. The text-to-speech system only requires a speaker, and can improve the educational aspect of WALL-ECO. Additionally, an additional screen can be connected to play a numbers game, in which the users gain points whenever they throw in recyclable items and lose points when they do not.

How it was built

The current prototype of WALL-ECO is built with cardboard but the production version is planned to have a plastic design and all hardware will be placed in the interior. The exterior of WALL-ECO includes a LED indicator to display green or red lights, an ultrasonic sensor near the trash can opening, and arms that can wave at the user to congratulate them when they recycle.

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