Inspiration - Many people sacrifice exercise for the sake of studying. We wanted to connect mental and physical health. What better way than to combine exercising and studying.

What it does - Allows users to create and play puzzles. The purpose is to allow users to study while being on the move. Pop ups filled with crowd generated questions will be presented and users must solve these questions in order to be given the next location. This forces users to study while being on the move.

How I built it - We acquired many pieces of knowledge that we utilized through Android Studios to develop this application.

Challenges I ran into - There was difficulties generating pop ups at locations.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - We have enchanced other people's educational values because consumers are able to combine exercising and studying.

What I learned - We learned how to better interact with a widely used platform, Android Studios. We learned how to implement different APIs such as the Google Maps API from Google.

What's next for WalkYourBrain - We want to tell users the distance they have traveled in total. Another is to create leader boards: one is a player version, the other is a creator version.

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