We were in Hawaii this year and drove the Road to Hanna. A friend recommend to buy an audio guide app. It was a great choice. It felt like having a guide drive in the car with us. We thought there should be platform to let more people create these kinds of guides all over the world and make them more discoverable.

What it does

A creator studio (web based) lets a content creator author a tour on a map, adding audio to explain each point. After it is published, users can see all available tours in a mobile app. After paying for a tour it can be experianced with the phone while driving or walking along the tour.

How we built it

The back end is Firebase. The phone app is based on the Ionic Framework. There is a node server to fetch tweets related to each tour's hashtags. Expedia API helps suggest related points of interest to creators

Challenges we ran into

Client side twitter integration was a problem with using OAuth. That is why we based the twitter interaction in a node.js server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished more features than we planned. Using firebase and angularFire on the front end makes things scaleable and easier to maintain

What we learned

We learned how powerful ionic is for rapidly developing cross platform (Android + iOS) apps

What's next for

Adding more type of content to tours. Supporting 3D objects, pictures and movies to be displayed with AR while taking the tour. Better social media integration to share the experience during and after taking the tour

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