Do you want alarm app for your Gear? What about multiple alarms app? What about smart unique way to turn the alarm off?

WalkUp app brings all these features and more!

WalkUp is a multiple alarms app for Samsung Gear 2 that uses pedometer sensor to turn the alarm off. Yes you must walk certain number of steps to be able to turn the alarm off otherwise it will continue ringing.

The app will force you out of your bed to turn the alarm off or snooze it. Or it will make sure you hear the alarm during the day until you start walking to turn it off

You can set the alarm and close the app, WalkUp will launch automatically on the alarm time. You can set custom ringtone and music for the alarm. Just copy your music files to your Gear 2 under Sounds/WalkUpRingtones folder and the app will load them next time you start the app

Please note that it is possible to set the number of steps to zero and therefore the app will behave like any normal alarm app.

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