Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an astounding 86% increase in technology usage amongst senior citizens.

However, with feature rich platforms found everywhere on the internet, big walls of text and countless buttons can overwhelm those who are not familiar with technology. Senior folks who are used to face-to-face interactions are now having a difficult time adjusting to doing their everyday tasks online.

What it does

Using genuine user activity data, the Walkthru chrome extension develops highlighted walk-throughs of the most common use cases. By either selecting an existing use case, or using the voice command feature, Walkthru immediately begins the guidance process from start to end in order to accomplish any task you may have.

How we built it

Walkthru is built as a Chrome extension that automatically loads the appropriate common actions taken on a website. These common actions are based off user data taken from website heatmap data sources such as Hotjar.

For the voice command feature, we delegate Google Speech-to-Text to match the spoken command to a predefined use case, if one exists. Walkthru even accepts commands in foreign languages, thanks to the Speech-to-Text multilingual functionality.

Challenges we ran into

Assuming the perspective of senior citizens without being one; often had to overcome our own biases by speaking with senior citizens firsthand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A unique and unparalleled solution to simple yet intelligent guidance for senior citizens that can be scaled as an accessibility tool for other demographics and differently-abled people.

What's next for Walkthru

Combine Machine Learning with the Hotjar heatmap data to automate the use case guidance creation process, since use cases are currently created manually.

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