We wanted to create a new way to interact with the thousands of amazing shops that use Shopify. demo

What it does

Our technology can be implemented inside existing physical stores to help customers get more information about products they are looking at. What is even more interesting is that our concept can be implemented to ad spaces where customers can literally window shop! Just walk in front of an enhanced Shopify ad and voila, you have the product on the sellers store, ready to be ordered right there from wherever you are.

How we built it

WalkThru is Android app built with the Altbeacon library. Our localisation algorithm allows the application to pull the Shopify page of a specific product when the consumer is in front of it.

Shopify Estimote Altbeacon

Challenges we ran into

Using the Estimote beacons in a crowded environment has it caveats because of interference problems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The localisation of the user is really quick so we can show a product page as soon as you get in front of it. WOW

What we learned

We learned how to use beacons in Android for localisation.

What's next for WalkThru

WalkThru can be installed in current brick and mortar shops as well as ad panels all over town. Our next step would be to create a whole app for Shopify customers which lets them see what shops/ads are near them. We would also want to improve our localisation algorithm to 3D space so we can track exactly where a person is in a store. Some analytics could also be integrated in a Shopify app directly in the store admin page where a shop owner would be able to see how much time people spend in what parts of their stores. Our technology could help store owners increase their sells and optimise their stores.

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