• 33.7K confirmed COVID-19 cases in NYC (as of Mar 29)
  • social distancing is still not ubiquitous
  • determining 2 meter distance can be stressful
  • fidget spinners relieve stress
  • need for positivity / rainbows

What it does

Walkstance places a rainbow circle under you on the ground in AR. The rainbow represents the "safe zone" when you are walking and social distancing. The radius of the circle is 2 meters, so you just need to make sure that other people are outside the rainbow. Walkstance is interactive. You can swipe left or right to spin the rainbow. If you keep swiping in the same direction it spins faster, just like a fidget spinner.

How I built it

First I made sure the rainbow's center always follows the device's real-world position. After that worked I added swipe detection and the spinning feature.

Challenges I ran into

XCode 11 glitches. e.g. "Message from debugger: Terminated due to memory issue"

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app works!

What I learned

Figured out what hitTest does and how matrix transformations work. Got solid knowledge on gesture recognizers.

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