We were brainstorming over the 4 tracks given to us and being students from Computer Science Department, we thought we are always sitting in front of the screen idle. Moreover staying on campus, we think we can very well walk to our classes always. Only thing that stops us from this healthy living is boredom. We thought, it would be great to have someone walk along with us.

What it does

You input your walk or your routine for your class. Your friends do the same and on the basic of your start and end and time, our app suggests you friends you can invite to, to walk with. Your request is sent to your friend on their notification and on acceptance, your walk is planned.

The algorithm basically checks for distance of less than a threshold for start and end and also close time limits. The future implementation of the same can be the to include ppl even who can give you company for some part of the journey.

How I built it

We built the application on HTML and using firebase. We used to Facebook login API again provided by Firebase. We used google maps to sync the start and end destinations. We used various jquery built in functions to embed various other functionalities. We had our own built in database javascript API which communicated with firebase database.

We started by dividing tasks on various levels, like database, frontend and backend. Then as the app kept going we kept taking up tasks and working on it.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge was to be able to built a working application using new technologies in such sort span of time. But that was the fun of it too. Hence we love hackathons ;) :P .

Another challenge was to look for a room.. :D Haha just kidding :P

Since none of us had worked on UI, we faced quite some challenges on that end.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

To be able to come here even after having so many assignments' overhead ;) Frankly it would be to able to mock about how we were pathetic at different aspects, still overcoming them and coming up with an awesome app which has a scope of lot of improvements and can help ppl

What I learned

We learned that what makes a great app is an awesome and nobel idea and its not so difficult to built on a new technology. You always end up learning from them.

What's next for WalkPool

There is a lot to WalkPool next and we are looking forward to create and deploy this app for the general public.

  1. Algorithms will be made more matured which can suggest also when you are using car for short distances.
  2. Visual showcase of all the suggestions
  3. Front end will be made better
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