I had have an Idea while “Collie midday walking”. At the moment plenty of people with dogs must stay at home (quarantine, broken leg, etc.). They are upset and haven’t had a clue how to keep the dog worked out. That makes the dog unhappy and the owner, too. It is proven that, pets can help in difficult situations or illness to get faster back on the own feeds.

On the other hand plenty of dog professionals and community volunteers can’t do their jobs. My idea is to make a (market) place to match possible dog walkers with dog owners.

By thinking about the heros of corona crisis (e.g. nurses, doctors), they face an other problem. They work more and their dog must stand behind. WalkMyDog can support with finding a walker, even if the dog day care is closed or the nice old lady that looks after the little fellower is in quarantine.

In the post CV (corona Virus) era WalkMyDog is suitable, too. People can get injured or ill every possible time. Dogs are now use to be not allone anymore/ where never trained. WalkMyDog can help with finding a walker.

Find a detailed description of the idea in this GoogleDoc .

Business model

The revenue should cover the operational cost of the website, but does not need to create a huge profit.

At the Page should be some advertising (no google adverts) includable. The advertising company pays for the showing of (preferable dog related) advertising.

The dog owner and volunteer walker can buy a premium licence that stops showing advertising and add premium features. The professional walker can buy an premium account and can introduce their Businesses on their profile, higher placement in the result, get an amount of free advertising and don’t see Advertising. Sponsorship could also be an option.

As futur option may be a commission option for local business is a posibility (e.g. if a groomer appointment is orderd for the walk 5% commission for the walkmydog side).

What should it do in the end version

The WalkMyDog matching webseite shows a list of sutible dog walkers in the region.

Dogwalker can be professionals like certified dog trainers, walkers or volunteers.

The matcher filters the walkers for the need of the dog, dog owner and gives advice for security and prevention.

The owner must describe their dog. The potential dog walker their skill set and experiences. It should give the possibility for tour planning like city trip, wood trip, trick training trip or a socialization walk with ice cream licking for dog and human.

Special dogs have special needs (e.g. no loud noises, only 3 legs, aggression on the lead) or dislikes (e.g. water, children).

The matchmaker should filter for such things and match this dogs to best matching professionals in the region. Regarding to the status of owner (quarantine, self isolation, well, etc.) and dog (ready for action, injured, …) some trips will not provided or the dog walker would advised to wear special equipment like mask, glows and disinfection.

With a kind of blog tool the dog walker can document their adventures and the owner can review what happened during the walk. There should be the posibility of attaching fotos to the walk and also make comments. At the end the walker gives a short summary and gives advices or information to the owner.

To make a possibility to add local stores like the dog physiotherapist, the dog food and toy store or the vet. This specialist could enter their unbooked appointments and the tour can planned around those fix points.

In Germany there are laws which regulate community volunteering, especially if I payment is involved. People that walk a dog for money must register with the “Minijob-Zentrale” and therefore need to fill out a form. The software should provide the current form to the potential dog walker and maybe fill out basic information. Maybe a chat tool could be included, so that the owner can participate actively in the walk.

What it does

The focus of the Hackthon was bring the idea of WalkMyDog to live. Because that I worked allne. I have not all points reached.

Following points where reached:

  1. Discripe the idea
  2. Set up the development enviroment
  3. Set up subdomain for sample
  4. Research on
  5. Create a wordpress with theme as Mocup base
  6. Change Login theme
  7. Set up the login posibilitys for walker and owner
  8. Gether geocordinates from address
  9. Build geo coordinate drag and drop-corrector
  10. Build question list for owner and walker
  11. Implement question formulars for owner and walker
  12. Produce graphics for website and video
  13. Produce pitch video

Out of the reason that I haven't had the time to check all legal (nameing) and data privacy issues (GPDR/DGSVO, language etc) I descided to restrict acces to the mock up. If you will try it you must use the following credentials:

dog demo.Doggy#88

Add the 2nd of May or in case of abuse I invalidate the credantials. All entrys where deletet to this time point.

Here you find the login with the links. The owner registeration is here . The walker registration is here .

How I built it

The WalkMyDog is build with wordpress and JQuery.

Challenges I ran into

I ran basicly in the classic challanges of building a software:

  1. Don't upgrade a library if you need to work fast. Some of the libraries had have had some challenging new bugs.
  2. Don't hunt the ghost from someone else. Some glitch by openstreet map had moved the the map. I have spent 2 hours to debug and to see the problem was gone during the night.
  3. Don't think it is standard work flow... the devil is a squirrel. It cost me plenty of time to cope with youtube, google, provider, wordpress and other issues that haven't much to do with development of WalkMyDog.
  4. Don't forget how time consuming it is to make all by yourself. Creating content, writing requirements, development, test is very time consuming.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The amount of things that are done. Develop the idea from scratch and manged to set the basic steps, produce images, video script and a video basically on my own.

What I learned

A lots of small things e.g. how to use the new lib versions, how to print a powerpoint to png. I learned to work in an international enviroment.

What's next for WalkMyDog

I think it is a lot to do that the software is considert as done following points are the start of thinks that could be done.

  1. Rating of Walker
    1. Dog (Walk summary)
    2. Walker
    3. Owner
  2. Generate/Provide documents for official needs (e.g. “Minijob-Zentrale”)
    1. Registration
    2. Revenue
    3. ...
  3. Generate walk blog
    1. Upload pictures during walk
    2. Save geolocation if possible
    3. Make a comment/fazit for the oner
  4. Add/change unbooked appointments by local dog specialists/vets for walk planning and in booking
  5. Make an advanced appointment options
    1. Time (1..10 hours)
    2. Place (is driving allowed, free parking available, ...)
    3. Select walk options from walker
    4. Special Appointments
    5. Special equipment need
    6. Advice to bring supply/material (leash, dog treads, collar, harness, ...)
    7. Advised to wear special equipment like mask, gloves and disinfectant, hiking gear
    8. Exclude from offers that aren’t possible for the dog/situation
  6. Chat functionality
  7. Advanced graphically features
  8. icons to supplement text(s)
  9. Premium features
  10. Revisions
  11. Better Skin
  12. Make contact E-Mail with the walker
  13. FAQ
  14. Find dog walker near me
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