The software we made is a real world tower defence game, WalkingEmpire. Our original idea is to make a combination of social network and mobile games.

We believed that the interaction between players is the most important part of the Mgame, and the rules of game should lead players to interact much more smoothly and quickly. So we decided to make this App as lightweight as we can, and use Google Map APIs. Players can walk around with his/her smartphone, and 'attack' other players' bases in their neighborhood, on campus , or when traveling.

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Clash of Clans & Ingress are two great games that inspired us; however, the logic and UI of ingress is not really user-friendly, and Clash of Clans has a great player match function, but the SNS part is not strong enough, and it put too much effort on collecting money from player.

After several hours brainstorm, we chose the name: WalkingEmpire. By walking around, players can attack others on the map (use the GoogleMap APIs) and the coins in the game can only be gained by attacking others, or walking(calculate distances) .

Key features

Our game is location based and strongly encourage the user to hanging out -- the more you move, the more troops and coins you have. If you carry your phone out, you gain 'coins' by moving, and when you open our game, others Bases nearby will be pinned on the Map. Then you can walk to others' bases and attack ! Also we use the facebook to login, and share this game with your friends!

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Another very hacky feature is that we did most graphic works by using GoogleMaps APIs. That is incredible hard, for we need to override and add some icons on GoogleMaps . These APIs do not have some features we need, and we build many functions and libraries. We even use Jacobian to calculate the radius of a circle*(for GoogleMap API only allow us to change the longitude and latitude).

We also wrote the whole Back-End APIs, and build the server and database by using PHP, mySQL.

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