This is the very first project of my UnderGraduate Study Life at CSE, BUET. It was a team project.

Developers : Md. Asif Haider (1805112, CSE, BUET) and Md. Azizur Rahman Anik (1805115, CSE, BUET)

As a part of our Level 1 Term 1 Project on Structured Programming Language (C), it was developed. We used iGraphics (OpenGL wrapper for the graphical demonstration).

Description : This is a 2D Zombie-Shooting Game named Walking In The Dead. The goal is to shoot the attacker zombies and gain points to pass the levels. Further instructions on Gameplay and How to Play can be found at the How to Play section inside the game. There is also a High Score section to enlist your best scores. Play the Gameplay.mp4 video to take a look at the game.

To run the game, do any of the following inside Game folder:

  • run OpenGL.exe or,
  • build and run IGraphics.cbp

Follow the instructions found inside the game to proceed and complete. Enjoy and Feel free to criticize.

Note: All the codes are created and edited solely by the developers. Although, the background images and audio files are collected from the Internet, then edited to make useable.

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