Have you ever exceeded your mobile data allowance? Have you ever wanted directions without draining your battery with mobile data and Google maps? Look no further.

What it does

1) Go to the website:

2) Register: Add your name, phone number and link your Uber account.

3) Text (604)-210-8866 with your current address and desired location, separated by a "=>".

How we built it

Our System!

The infrastructure is composed of multiple parts: An ExpressJS webserver which takes webhooks from the Twilio API and handles the incoming messages accordingly. A Firebase database stores user information and state, allowing for persistence between interactions. Firebase functions allow this service to fetch auth tokens from Uber on demand.

Challenges we ran into

Weird behavior from the Twilio API and some trouble passing Auth tokens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of first ever SMS interface for ridesharing (Why isn't this a feature?)

Built a product that we would actually use ourselves.

Seamlessly integrating multiple web technologies and services into a unified experience!

Integrating multiple account verification platforms is difficult!

Maintaining a low-complexity code-base with many moving parts.

Beautiful landing page and UI.

What we learned

Ngrok saves lives.

What's next for Walkify?

  • Better parsing of directions, maybe our own Natural Language Processing (NLP).

  • More integrations (Other ridesharing or vehicle rental services)

  • SDK or API for other developers to build their own features.

  • Enhanced Reliability and Scalability.

  • Monetization strategies: Targeted ads or Uber Referrals.

Check out our code on Github Here!

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