Table number: D18

Primary Track: AI

Secondary Track: GameJam

Partner challenges: Skype Azure GameJam In-store conversion supercharged Jelastic


All of us are fans of books. Remember - when you've read your last book what did you thought about stupid mistakes made by main character. Did you thought that you can do it better that him? Now, with Walkie talkie you have a chance to be better space cowboy than Han Solo and better detective than Sherlock Holmes.

What it does

Walkie Talkie - it's interactive book and text adventure game like MUD, but with extra features like embeded images and videos. You can use it for entertainment and for education. You can teach your employees how to work with problematic customers or entertain your children while you're working on your new project :)

How I built it

We build it with fun and jokes :) And with great support from tech guys from Skype, Jelastic, Radix and our friends across the globe :)

Challenges I ran into

  • Skype had a couple bugs
  • Jelastic was pain to deploy but we manage it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Winners of Junction 2015

What I learned

  • Z interpretator
  • Skype API

What's next for "Walkie Talkie"

  • Tune code to make it more "production ready"
  • World expansion
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