We were thinking about games suitable for a hospital environment. Patients lie in beds and are bored and alone, physically and/or psychologically. We devised a game world for hospital patients - where they can interact together and play different minigames against others.

What it does

It is a voice controlled game. Players can choose a character, move around the map and interact with it. Each map element is a minigame, which allows multiple methods of interaction for various tastes. It has a graphic interface where players can see their position and other players, for inclusivity.

How I built it

We used javascript with node js and typescript. For game features we use Phaser framework and we also implemented google assistant for voice commands and dialogflow for recognizing commands.

Challenges I ran into

There were many roadblocks: authentication for multiple players, javascript game framework, voice control, for example.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We successfully made a client-server game which allows multiple players to play at the same time with voice control and move around the map and interact with it.

What I learned

Google voice control, javascript games and operating a server client.

What's next for Walkies

Making minigames and more interactions with players. We would like to implement the point system for longer term patients to remain engaged and build their character with customization options.

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