Inspiration:- I'm a second year undergrad student. Arranging all the notes is a tedious task if have to write myself :( ...another possible solution is asking seniors and batchmates but almost everyone does it and asks the other person for the same. Also everyone is working on some sort of thesies or projects that others also want to understand but asking about the same thing again and again irritates the everyone.There are whatsapp group on which information is hared still it is limited to the particular group and difficult to transmit between juniors and seniors.Also most of the people clear whatsapp history after exams so it is wastage of lot of work.Thus Ive tried to minimize that gap for important data sharing in college.

What it does:- My website has (actually I'm working on it) various pages for each year and branch and also extra activities such as robotics and coding so that particular information can be uploaded to particular pages. We can provide the facility that everyone can upload google drive link or dropbox link of their notes and resources or papers they have written.

How I built it:- I used Django to build the backend (including 'blog-app'-for sharing information and 'user-app'-for users to create their account.

Challenges I ran into:- creating database is the n=most difficult task as I'm a student and can not afford too much for the creating the website.Other than that I used AWS S3 and gmail usser authentication for the first time and many other small things also.I still have to work a little so as to make it completely useable and add all my college-mates in the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:- Learned Django, Learned how back-end devlopment works, Learned deploying a website and solved one of the problems I faced in my college life.

What I learned:- Django, JavaScript, deploying a website

What's next for Walkie_Talkie:- bug fixes and adding all the pagesfor classes and clubs.

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