Fitness trackers are extremely popular - looking around you can notice one on what seems like everyone's wrist. These devices default to setting daily goals of hitting 10,000 steps, however, if you were to ask someone how far 10,000 steps is, many wouldn't know or be able to picture that distance. Fitbit has "Adventures" that users can participate in, which sets a step goal which would be necessary to complete that adventure in real life - an example being hiking Yosemite Vernal Falls creates a step goal of 15,000 steps. However, if you have never hiked Vernal Falls before, you don't really understand how far that is.

What it does

Walker (please ignore the name, that has to get fixed) was created to allow users to set their home location, so that they can see and understand how far they are walking on a local scale. For example, a user who was sick in bed all day and took <200 steps would see that they were able to walk down the street, and a user who has hit several thousand steps might see that they were able to walk to a restaurant across town. Being able to see that they were able to walk to geographical landmarks where they understand and know the distance will allow users to understand what those steps mean. Also, being able to picture these statistics on a more local scale will help encourage users to become more active and walk more by realizing these are reachable goals.

How I built it

This app was built using the Fitbit OS SDK to create the watch and companion app.'s API was used to accept the user's location and return the latitude and longitude, which were then supplied to the API again to find 'Places' which were approximately equal to the distance that the user had walked that day.

Challenges I ran into

Javscript. React. I have never developed in either, and it was definitely a challenge when it came to working on the companion app 'Settings' page. Working with the APIs brought a lot of challenges, and ultimately I could not finish the hack. Transferring data between the watch and device was also extremely challenging, and something I was unable to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really really proud of myself for attempting this alone. I'm really proud that I was able to get a ton working, and that I was able to plan and execute on my own. Despite it not working, it was a massive learning experience having to be responsible for the entire project, and not having teammates that I could fall back on. However, it also made me really appreciate working with others and having that support and capacity to tackle tougher challenges.

What's next for walker

  1. Come up with a new name
  2. Try converting this to a fully mobile application and opening it to other smart devices
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