After contemplating ideas for days on end, we finally started on whatever the next idea came to mind. That was, to build an app that encourages people to go out for walks, runs, hikes, or maybe even a whole day's worth of adventure! Walking is one of the most primitive exercises and the majority of people can do it as a form of exercise. It has been proven to improve physical and mental health. The inspiration for this app comes from both Pokemon Go and Sweatcoin, but it provides the best of both worlds!

What it does

Every day, you get a random list of 5 challenges from which you may complete up to 3 per day. These challenges require you to go out and take pictures of certain things. Depending on the difficulty of the challenges, you are awarded points. The app also keeps track of how many challenges you complete throughout your entire journey with us and a count of your daily streak which is just another way of motivating you to keep moving!

How we built it

We built the app using React on the front end and we were going to use Node+Express in the back end along with MongoDB as our database. However, not too many things went as planned since it was our first-ever hackathon. But we've learned so much more about working together and have gained lots of new skills throughout working on this project!

Challenges we ran into

Having to learn a lot of things from scratch because none of us have ever worked on big projects before. Some of our members are not in computer science, which only increased the amount of content to be learned for them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just going out of your way to participate in such events should make you proud!

What we learned

We believe we now learned the basics of React, CSS, and MUI. We also can collaborate more effectively. We'll truly find out what we've learned once we put them into practice for our next project!

What's next for Walk-E

Stick around and find out :))

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