We have heard many stories of people getting, mugged, assaulted, or even killed when they're walking alone. Those stories are extremely frightening, and we felt that an app could possibly solve this danger.

What it does

Our app's main function is an "SOS" alert system. The user can first input 3 phone numbers or people they wish to be their emergency contacts. Then, on the main screen, the SOS button will implement a few methods or warning. The app will play a loud shrieking noise to both alert people in the vicinity and startle the attacker. At the same time, the app will send a message to each of the emergency contacts, telling them to call 911 and also giving them the approximate address of the user. Additionally, our app has a section dedicated to Walking Safety Information. Not only do we offer general walking safety tips, but we also offer articles on protection topics, such as self-defense and protective devices.

How I built it

I built this app using MIT AppInventor. I used my prior knowledge of AppInventor, augmented by the online resources for MIT AppInventor and the mentors at the event itself.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into a few challenges with using certainly advanced functions in MIT AppInventor, such as Texting and Location Sensor. I also had finicky wifi for a certain amount of time, and thus my coding was delayed. Eventually, I finished the app by working overnight with my teammates.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am extremely proud that the app is fully functional. I was able to test it with a multitude of other girls' phones, and most of the tests were successful. I am also extremely proud of how well my team worked and how I, along with the UI Expert of our team, were able to create both a functional and a stylish app.

What I learned

We learned a great deal about UI collaboration with code. We learned that not only is it important that your app is functional, but it must also be user-friendly. We also learned about how to work efficiently under a time-crunch. We now know that you must both work as efficiently as possible, but also take breaks in between.

What's next for Walk_Safe

We are planning to further solidify our location sensor, as it is a little unreliable and slow. Also, we are thinking of adding a recording function to voice-record events after the SOS is pressed. Furthermore, we are planning to have some sort of a user-forum system, where users can share their own experiences and teach other tips and tricks for safety.

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