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Being a college student is scary enough as it is - between homework, exams, internships, the social scene, extracurriculars, and more, the last thing students need to worry about is feeling safe on campus. Of course, Smith College, like other colleges and universities, is relatively safe, but being an open campus can make students uneasy, especially at night. Having someone by your side as you are making the journey to the other side of campus, or the other side of the street, can help alleviate this uneasiness. However, it is not always easy to find a friend who has also spent the last twelve hours working in the library. Walk With Me allows students to find other peers in their neighboring area who they can share a walk with.

What it Does

Walk With Me helps Smith College students find other Smithies in the same, or surrounding, buildings. In order to ensure security only those with email address can sign up to use this app. After having created an account the student may select a previously created route to, or near to their destination of choice. If the route they desire is not available they may also choose to create their own route containing their current building, destination, and their estimated time of departure. Walk With Me contains the names of all the buildings listed under a drop down menu to make the process simpler.

How We Built It

Made a web app using HTML+CSS, Javascript, PHP. and MySQL. Application is hosted on Azure.

Challenges We Ran Into

Getting a cloud database instance setup. Couldn’t get it done due to technical issues. Solved it using our local SQL database.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

Built an useful app keeping with the interests of Smith students.

What We Learned

Very useful features of Microsoft Azure, making interactive web pages.

What’s Next?

Currently Walk With Me is a web app. The next step is to make it a phone app. We feel by doing this the app will be easily accessible to students. In order to make communication simpler we plan to implement a messaging system within the app allowing students to contact other students that share the same route as them.

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