As university students, there are few things we face on a daily basis that involve as much inertia as getting out of bed in the morning and heading for class. The snooze button is also, undeniably, an enemy in disguise and we are all guilty of abusing it. But what if we had no choice but to get out off bed in the morning just to switch off the dreaded alarm?

What it does

Walk Up! is an alarm app that makes use of a device's step counter as the primary mechanism for switching off alarms. When setting an alarm the night before, users will also set the distance to their bathroom in steps and this will be the number of steps required to switch off the alarm in the morning. In addition to this, users will also select the type of sleeper they are. The alarm sounds available are categorised according to light, medium, and heavy sleepers. This categorisation is based on how annoying the sounds are. Each morning, a sound in the chosen category will be selected at random so that users do not get used to the sound after hearing it everyday.

How we built it

We used Android Development Studio and a lot of Googling.

Challenges we ran into

Firstly, for all four members on the team, Walk Up! is our first project on android studio. Therefore we were met with many speed bumps as we were not familiar with the syntax. Furthermore, we were unable to incorporate real time in the app due to lack of experience. Lastly, none of us actually owned an Android phone so we had to source for phones from our friends to test the app out.

What's next for Walk Up!

Walk Up! needs to be improved in order to fetch real time and be triggered by it. Walk Up! also needs to be fine-tuned to ensure that steps are counted more accurately on a phone by phone (model) basis. Walk Up! would also be able to trigger vibrations on the phone upon activation of the alarm.

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