When our group came together to try and come up with an idea, we started off by listing problems we face on a daily basis. In talking about our “problems”, we found 1 thing that united the four of us together: our mutual love of sleep. We love sleep so much that we all admitted to be snooze-button addicts, or ‘chronic snoozers’, if you will.

As much as the snooze button may seem like a gift from the Almighty (especially on Monday mornings), we found that the initial thought of “getting 9 extra minutes of shut-eye” actually lead us to feel more tired, or worse – made us late for something important. After doing a bit of healthy research on “the google”, we learned more about the scientific reasons behind this hunch and we were absolutely right—it does make your body feel more sleepy!

From this spark of inspiration, we wanted to create a version of the alarm clock application that not only eliminated the snooze button entirely, but also to replaced it with something productive that would help the user wake up the first time their alarm goes off. Thus, Walk to Wake was born, an alarm-clock app for android that requires the user to get out of bed and walk 10 steps before the alarm can be dismissed. This model encourages sleep expert’s suggestion to get out of bed as soon as the first alarm goes off to decrease that “laggy” feeling upon getting out of bed and to kick start your day right.

Our target user is the young adult, particularly a student or young professional who are more likely to try new apps and improve their morning routine timing. This would eliminate the possibility of “snoozing” too much and being late for class, or for that first meeting. In general, our app would be useful to anyone who wants to break out of being a chronic snoozer!


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