The inspiration behind our design came from our desire to make the world more accessible to those who are blind or visually impaired. Those who are not visually impaired often take for granted their simple ability to leave their home, and travel to any destination independently. For people with visual impairment, this complicated task requires either a full-time personal caretaker, or a guide dog which costs $42,000 (US). We put ourselves in the place of a person who is uninsured, unable to pay for a guide dog, and visually impaired; we dreamt of a low cost alternative which could allow a person with visual impairment to be more independent. To make this dream a reality, we created a headset which takes advantage of mounted ultrasonic sensors and a bluetooth-paired android app which harnesses the power of google navigation. Through voice activation, a user can specify their destination. The app finds the user's current location and begins giving the steps for a walking journey by vibrating left and right turn signals as step by step guidance, and also prevents them from crashing into objects in their path that are perceived by the ultrasonic sensors (which vibrate if an obstacle is directly in front of the user). Costing less than $20 (CAN), the 'Walk Me Through It' system can revolutionize the life of someone visually impaired. With half a million Canadians classified as visually impaired, and 5.5 million more at risk, we see a low cost solution to a growing national problem. In the United States lies another 3,286,100 visually impaired individuals, 22% of whom are without Medical insurance, expanding the number of people whose lives we can positively impact.


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