More than 80 percent of people in US are overweight, one solution is to motive people to walk at list 20 min or more, so this app, will help users and motivate them to walk and get community involve to create motivation active. I will also will help user to understand how you can burn calories by walking, able to stay on a healthy life and be part of community.

What it does

App will give you result of calores burned by walking, cycling, and running and will giving you feedback base on your input. App can create contest with social media such as facebook.

How I built it

Using php, chatbot on chatfiul on facebook and Native react

Challenges I ran into

Make the correct interface, database and integration on chatbot with android and iPhone .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Get the connection from the interface to chatbots get user basic info for contest

What I learned

I learn to program chatbot on chafiul and integrated with a database with apps

What's next for Walk Burner

Improve UI and more statistics and show more data for user analysis.

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