We found it surprising that so many deaths in Ugandan hospitals are preventable and due to a lack of available information for doctors to get to the patients who need the most attention. We thought we could address this issue by creating a web application that could be used by doctors to identify patients in critical condition, or those who have gone days without having their vitals measured. We created a visual representation of these patients in the section of the app that monitors current patient data. Another feature of our application is its ability to search through the hospital's patients over a time period selected by the doctor. This will allow him or others to analyze trends in diseases and operating procedures of the hospital in order to make changes where necessary. Before this information was only available by PDF, but we have made put the information online allowing doctors with access to the internet to access the data at any tim convenient for them. We believe this could drastically change the way hospitals are operated in Uganda and ultimately save lives.

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