What is Waldo?

Waldo is a suite of microservices based on indoor localization.

What does Waldo do?

Helps improve indoor localization
Delivers accurate location data to first responders that existing mapping and location services cannot.

Provides a fully customizable application for events and venues
Enhances user experience through custom built interfaces tailored for each event.

Analytics for valuable insights
Provides unique insights about user behaviours and patterns.

How does Waldo integrate?

Businesses Buy
Businesses can buy or product directly from us and get custom built interfaces for their users to access and enjoy. These can include museums, hackathons, concerts and conferences.

Businesses Sell
Our clients can choose to sell these interfaces to their users for a small fee, like in the case of a museum. Being a mobile application offers flexibility and computing power that over devices cannot.

Businesses Gain
We also deliver impactful data about user behaviour to our clients. These can help understand what times are peak hours, which sections of the 'event' are more popular and hundreds of others possibilities.

First Responders Too
In the case of an emergency, we can provide first responders critical information based on user's real-time information which can help in moments of life and death; for example, Waldo can help a fire chief better manage and understand a situation by receiving real time location data of all the people involved.

How was Waldo built?

Waldo was built using Android Studio for the Android platform. The Waldo team surely plans on bringing Waldo to iOS. A picture of our tech stack is attached.

What's next for Waldo

The Waldo team will be contacting museums & other businesses that could benefit from this and exploring testing Waldo in a real world environment.

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