We're busy people. Extremely so. From meetings we don't want to be in to fitting in time to hit the gym, our time is limited. News can be consumed in a timely manner, but finding what you want in a timely manner is another story. In comes WakeyWakey.

What it does

WakeyWakey accepts information about what you want to know in a WebApp, and then curates custom text messages to be sent to your mobile phone through Twilio with that data you'd requested. It currently will return the latest tweet from someone you specify, the latest image and caption from your favorite subreddit, your current portfolio value given the ticker of the stock you own along with number of shares, and also the weather forecast for the day (of course).

How I built it

I built this service entirely using Wolfram Language within Mathematica. The WakeyWakey service runs on a server I currently host that executes a function to send SMS messages with a user's curated data at set times throughout the day. It currently runs once per day in the morning at 8am to alert users of what's going on in their personal worlds that day.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges I ran into were great in the fact that providing curated data to users in an easily readable and digestible form is not the simplest of tasks. Receiving and processing data while simultaneously utilizing that data for a later date proved to be quite difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of the fact that I built a service that not only I can use, but others who wish to have curated news and data in their mornings can take advantage of. I originally built the service as a proof of concept within my own personal sphere of information, but I believe that data should be shared and information be made widely available. So I opened it for everyone :)

What I learned

I learned how to build a service for mass use in a method that is usable for the average individual.

What's next for WakeyWakey

I'd like to fix a few bugs I have in the app, i.e. the return message upon completing the webform. I'd like to clean up the entire experience and customize when each user receives their updates along with frequency of updates. I'd also like to add in more options for users to receive data and dynamically update which fields are present when requesting data.

All in all, I had a lot of fun and I hope you guys like trying out WakeyWakey!

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