Our inspiration was the challenge to make a judge laugh. We thought that an app, that was utilized by many, would be enjoyable if it had a small twist.

What it does

This web app displays the current time and will play an animation and sounds when the alarm is set ti sound.

How I built it

Photoshop was used to create graphics for the web app. HTML, CSS, and JQuery was used to build the web app.

Challenges I ran into

We were not able to complete project so we formed a different group and started developing the web app 8 hours before the project submission deadline. We wanted to have input lines to set what time the alarm should sound, but when implementing this part, the app would freeze with no apparent reason.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have completed a simple web app within the eight hours remaining during hackGSU.

What I learned

We have learned how to create graphics using photoshop and develop web applications using jquery. We have also learned android application development from our last failed project.

What's next for Wake up with Wheezy

We will have more functionality to the web app and will have updated graphics and sound samples.

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