When we started falling asleep on our desks when listening to boring lectures, we thought to ourselves, "what if there was a program that could detect when we were falling asleep and keep us in check?" From there we thought of WakeUpBruh.

What it does

Didn't get a full night of sleep? Forgot to get your cup of joe at Starbucks? Use WakeUpBruh! With cutting edge TensorFlow technology, it will detect when you're feeling tired and notify you, telling you to wake up, bruh! Whether you’re falling asleep at a really boring meeting, or you’re trying to drive late at night, WakeUpBruh will keep you awake when you need it most. You can try it out here (!


This project was very difficult since this was our first time working with React, Tensorflow, and JavaScript. We had trouble even accessing facemesh.js, a Tensorflow library, much less adding every other facet to this web application.

Accomplishments we're proud of

Although there are some things that we have not been able to fully implement yet, (mainly audio because of Google's new audio autoplay restrictions), we're proud of the fact that we've coded the main functionality of the project in such a short amount of time. That is, calculating how open a detected face's eyes are, and then notifying the user if their eyes have been closed for a set amount of time.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Tensorflow and indexing data. We also learned the basics of using React and hosting websites. Our Git skills were challenged as well when there were merge conflicts every single time because of caches created by the linter.

What's next for wakeupbruh

Since we've already figured out the back-end, we hope to improve WakeUpBruh by adding more front end features to be more convenient to the user. This includes adding more options for sounds, and giving users the ability to customize their wake up preferences. domains:

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