As computer engineering students we know what it feels like to not have enough rest sometimes. We wanted to know a little bit more about how that affected our efficiency at college. Nevertherless, even with all the information we can get, there's nothing we can do to have more sleep (except for organizing better our work, but let's be honest, that's never going to happen) so the easiest solution we have is to drink coffee. That's the main reason why we wanted to work with both tracks.

What it does

Our project works with two devices, the Oura ring and the Muki cup. You first have to sleep with the ring on your finger, the ring will get every single information about your sleep activity, rest and readiness for the next day. Once you wake up, prepare yourself a coffee and serve it on the Muki cup, the hot coffee will charge the device and show the results of last night's activity. In consequence, it'll tell you how much coffee you need to take.

How we built it

Both devices have their own API's, so we've used them.

  • For the front end we've worked with Android, Java, XML.
  • For the back end we've used gson and json.

Challenges we ran into

  • Muki's cup: At first, it took us a while to figure out how to connect our cell phone to the cup. Our main problem was that we weren't aware of the energy the cup had left, sometimes Muki was out of charge but we didn't know it. Another problem we had with the Muki cup was the charging battery process. It's not easy to work on a project when you have to stop coding several times to get some hot water.
  • Oura's ring: The main problem we had with the ring was that we didn't know if it was correctly synchronized with the smartphone because sometimes the App told us that the ring's battery was 0%, but about 1 minute later it was 100%. Finally we realized that we wrongly connected our smartphone with another ring that was near of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • After hours of hard working, we've created some cool bar graphics with Android based on the information the ring obtained.
  • We've chosen two different things and worked with them until we got one simple but really cool idea.
  • We've had fun, worked a lot but also finished the project.

What we learned

We've improved some skills:

  • We learned some new Android and Java concepts like Retrofit and Json. At first, it took us a while understanding how does it work, but with a big effort we did it!
  • Due to the great communication we have, we could transfer our knowledge between us and improve team working skills. So that's a good way of learning from each other.

What's next for Wake cup.

Some ideas came up while coding but there wasn't enough time.

  • We've thought of using the screen to pop up important messages, like some stuff the owner of the cup couldn't forget.
  • The sleep activity brings many possibilities for developing new ideas with this device. We thought about studying the connection between the amount of sleep a person gets and the weather of that particular day.

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