The sit-down dining experience is outdated

While there are a plethora of deliver-to-your door apps, nothing occupies the market for those who like to dine in and soak up the atmosphere of a restaurant, cafe or SHOP NAME

In-app ordering with ease

Using Bluecat beacons for proximity sensing, the WaitLess knows which table you are at and allows you to download the restaurant's menu, order and pay, all from your mobile phone

The payoff: a win for both consumer and provider

While end users can enjoy the benefits of a great ordering interface, regardless of vendor (User's do not need to download multiple apps for multiple restaurants), additionally business owners will benefit as customers will be more inclined to visit their restaurant and are also given complete control over the menus.

Challenges we ran into:

  • React-native iBeacons library proved limited to our needs.
  • Starting to learn react-native essentially from scratch
  • Coming up with a way to connect all components of our product, from the iBeacons to the user's phone to the restaurant kitchen
  • Developing separate applications for iOS and android, in the end we only had enough time to get the iBeacon library working on iOS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

  • Our app is able to determine which table it is on using iBeacons!
  • Our app can view the customised menu for that specific restaurant, and send orders to the restaurant

What I learned:

-A lot of react native, also how to deal with issues, when to scrap ideas and when to make less than ideal fixes for certain problems in order to finish a project withing time constraints.

What's next for WaitLess: Ideally we will be able to fully implement WaitLess onto android devices and also add more features such as the ability for user's to pre-order their meals so they can be ready when they arrive.

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