Order Management System

What are we solving here

In a typical restaurant, there are waiters going around attending to customers needs. At an average fine dining restaurant, there is about 1 waiter per 4 table with a total of around 14-15 tables in the restaurant. Waiters can be paid pretty high depending on the restaurant. With the rise of technology and with the continuous trend of robots and technology replacing jobs of humans, we can see a different ways of how we can eliminate the need for an actual human to do all the work:

  • Few restaurants using iPad's for every table as the menu BUT getting an iPad per table is extremely costly and it may seem like an overkill for a simple menu
  • Golden Village killed most of their counter staffs jobs replacing with their new ticket purchasing kiosk.

What our solution do

On the restaurant table, we will be placing a table mat, which is enabled with NFC capabilities. This NFC enabled table mat will be passive and will not consume any power. When customers sit on their table, All they have to do is to place their phones or tablets on top of the table and it will trigger the NFC chip within their phones to pop up a menu for them to interact with. This menu is synced across the whole table with the ability to see whats the other person from the same table is ordering at the same time as you are choosing your desired items. When you are done choosing the food, you press ready. Once everyone in the table is in the ready with their order, one person proceeds to checkout and purchases. The purchasing will be done through any means(e.g Android Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal.

On the Kitchen side they immediately get the order when you have finished with your transaction and they start with their preparations. Once they are done preparing the dishes, there will be one or two staffs doing all the serving as the kitchen side prepares.

Overview of the system

Components needed:

  • NFC Table Mat
  • Customer side Order Menu
  • Kitchen Side Overview Screen

Challenges we ran into

We had technical challenges and we almost switched to using python as a backend but we managed to overcome them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud that we were able to hack a the MVP out in 24hours. Our team had worked very hard in finalizing the problem, solution and design well.

What we learned

We learned how to cooperate with team members and work well. More importantly we learned that coming up with a new and revolutionary idea isn't as important as to how we execute it because anyone can become great one day if they wanted.


We are extremely passionate on this simple concept and we believe we can make it a reality. We need to first polish the system before we can find clients to showcase the product to. We would make this a startup and provide this service to restaurants.

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