I've sat in enough theoretical math classes to be intimately familiar with the feeling of being totally lost in the middle of a difficult proof or theory. From speaking to profs, it seems that many professors genuinely want to make sure their students understand their lectures, but often find the difficult to gauge students' levels of comprehension. I hope that this app can bridge the gap between students and professors and ensure a better education for all.

What it does

It allows professors to get feedback from students in real time! When a student gets lost in the lecture, he can just press the "Wait, Prof" button, and the professor will receive immediate anonymous feedback. If enough students press the button, the professor can choose to re-explain the latest concept.

How I built it

Developed with Objective-C, using storyboard tool for frontend and Parse for backend.

Challenges I ran into

One of the first challenges I encountered was changing text color without the help of the storyboard tool (for example, for the drop-down textbox in the app's signup page), mostly because I was unfamiliar with how Objective-C was structured. Later, I ran into some difficulties integrating Parse with UITableViewController, and passing data from the table view to the items inside the table.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I knew pretty much next to nothing about developing iOS prior to this weekend (as in, I had poked around with the storyboard tool a few times, though I had never actually written code in Objective-C). This project forced me to learn super fast and create a functional app with front-end, back-end and HTTP API functionality.

What I learned

Creating app UI with the storyboard tool, programming in Objective-C, working with Parse on backend, dealing with the intricacies of Navigation Controllers.

What's next for Wait, Prof!

My next step will be implementing graph visualizations and limiting users so that they can only give feedback for classes that they are enrolled in.

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