Many of us spend hours waiting in walk in clinics unnecessarily due to poor planning and communication. We aim to fix this with our program.

What it does

Our program has an interaction between doctor's office and the client. The Doctors office uses the graphical user interface to setup walk in and appointments. These are then grouped to create a schedule for the doctor. The user goes to link which displays the other doctor offices in there area and the wait times for each, it also has a map in order to aid the user in determining which location is better for them.

How we built it

Doctor's Office Application The graphical user interface uses pythons built in graphics library Tkinter. On the left hand side of the application there is calendar that is built using a Canvas object with a for looped grid in the background and the events are buttons that allows for the modification of the event. In the center there is an add button to register walk ins or patients into the schedule thus updating the Firebase database. Under the Add Button there is a Note taking section to aid the doctor in examining his patient which has the ability to save into a text file.

Online Flask The online portion of the project was built using primarily using Python and flask to access our Firebase database. In order to make the web app we are using HTML, Jinga, Javascript, and CSS.It then uses this information to generate a table with the waiting Time

Challenges we ran into

  • The domain name is quite hard to obtain. Deploying our web app is another challenge.
  • Syncing our Python versions and installing pyrebase successfully in order to communicate with Firebase was also difficult.
  • Retrieving data from the Firebase based on the machines local clinic name( ie: only puling data that corresponds to the machines local clinic name)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating and manipulating a Firebase database
  • Creating a web app using Flask
  • Developing a beautiful Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Tkinter in Python

What we learned

  • Learning how to use Firebase
  • Understanding the complex ways of Flask and how to integrate it into Firebase
  • Figured out how to make different machines interact with one database
  • Learning that it was possible to have "for loops" in HTML via an epic Jinga hack

What's next for Wait No More

  • Incorporate with appointment booking systems - more autonomous adding of sessions
  • More intuitive/simple user interface
  • Integrating more APIs or public databases of medical clinics
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