Chief Wahoo Inspiration Chief Wahoo

Wahoo Wager was inspired by Cleveland Indians fans everywhere and fantasy sports. We seek to provide a structured, real time fantasy sports experience, to fans at the game in the stadium.

Chief Wahoo What it does (Awesome) Chief Wahoo

Wahoo Wager lets fans predict how a game will go, and showcase the players with the best predictions. Fans can compare their scores with their friends and find out definitively which fan is the best at connecting with the core of the game.


Chief Wahoo How we built it (Hard Work) Chief Wahoo

Amazon Dynamo DB was used on the backend.

Android Studio was used for the for the Front End.

Python and some other tools were used for some hidden goodies

Chief Wahoo Challenges we ran into (Overcome) Chief Wahoo

Changing project focus multiple times over the development cycle. This turned out to be beneficial as our final design was more focused on fan user experience then our initial proposals.

Backend design was something we were not initially familiar with.

Long distance collaboration was initially challenging due to a huge distance between team members and poor Internet infrastructure in rural areas, but with traditional telephone systems, structured emails and git we were able to work together over a long distance.

Three Strikes

Chief Wahoo Accomplishments that we are proud of (Heck Yeah!) Chief Wahoo

Working on a project that is simple, yet more then skin deep with secrets for fans to discover.

Getting our backend running up in less then an hour, even though we were a bit rusty with server side technologies.

Eating lots of Cracker Jacks, Pretzels, and Stadium Mustard at Progressive Field. MmmmmMMMmmm

Chief Wahoo What we learned (Lots!) Chief Wahoo

We learned about collaboration and communication, as well as backend technologies on cloud infrastructure.

Chief Wahoo What's next for Wahoo Wager (Who Knows? Mysterious!) Chief Wahoo

Getting Wahoo Wager in the hands of the Tribe, who can then accurately predict that we will sweep the tigers!

Porting Wahoo Wager to other platforms such as iOS, Mac OSX, BSD, GNU/Linux and Windows.

Team Logo

Chief Wahoo Special Thanks (Thank You!) Chief Wahoo

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