Fortnite streamers often have small mini-tournaments that are chaotic and hard to monetize (especially when dealing with chargebacks which is a huge issue for streamers). lets the streamer create games that others buy tickets to using the lightning network allowing anonymous participation. The game winners are paid out in LN, and the game creator takes a cut as well.

What it does

  • Allows streamers and content creators to monetize and build better content by creating matches and tournaments with prizes, including the ability to sell "tickets" using the wagering system.

  • Allows matchmaking between anonymous users for wager matches (ex. both players bet $5 who wins a 1v1, winner take all)

How I built it

  • Blockstack Id - The only authentication method.
  • Gaia - Users match information and betting history is encrypted locally and then stored in Gaia with the ability to 1 click clear history.
  • Node.js API - The API is as anonymous as possible, only storing match and wager data for accounting purposes, never any user information or tokens. Authentication is either entirely open or authenticated using the preimage attached to a database asset.
  • LND (Lightning Network) - An LND node serves up invoices so that the user can pay to create a match, create a new wager, accept a wager, etc...

Challenges I ran into

  1. Could not think of a P2P way to handle without the third party API, so I made the API as barebones as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. User 100% controls their data (assuming that clearing the file in Gaia means that there are no backups taken of it of course)
  2. API has no concept of a user
  3. Authentication system is quite revolutionary IMO

What I learned

What's next for

If I won any money for the project I would take half of the winnings and use it to fund some small tournaments on the platform likely in Fortnite to start to test it out and get some user feedback.

The idea would be to get a few smaller streamers on to beta test it and basically cover the winnings almost like a QA cost and then target larger streamers who would be able to sell tickets. While one could argue that creating a blockstack id and having a lightning wallet to use might be too difficult for them if you take some of the larger streamers and can get them hosting games the net would be wide enough that hundreds of people would still be able to figure it out and participate and it would either be something really cool that kids starting using.

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