Visualizing the difference in income rate between high and low income.

What it does

Assigns a random wage to the website visitor and counts up from the start of Philly Codefest. Connects visitors to organizations Facebook page for more info.

How I built it

React.js single page application, bootstrap, react count up timer and some client side math, react-firebaseui for login page,.

Challenges I ran into

My MacBook Air died and I didn't back up my source code, so I wasn't able to finish the chat page and work out bug with the Facebook feed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning React.js and how to implement a message board. Building on an idea that started with a simple count-up timer and grew to a Facebook app/page. Meeting other developers, trying to pitch my idea, and not being afraid to fail.

What I learned

Always push code to GitHub. No matter how reliable you think your computer is!

What's next for Wage Gauge

When I get my Mac back I'm going to finish it and keep improving it to raise awareness and experiment with new features like sharing W.G. bucks with other users. Shaking the phone to get a W.G. bonus using accelerometer plugin.

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