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We were inspired by two completely separate people who will not be named that each on their own accord activated the fire alarm of Appleton Tower in exactly the same way - by burning a waffle in a microwave. This resulted in the microwave being removed from AT. Losing it was a very emotional experience which inspired us to create this tribute game.

What it does

It's a game. You can play it. You can toss a waffle to implicate another player for your grave sin of burning down the tower. You also need to evacuate by going down to floor -1.

How we built it

By skimming a great bunch of tutorials and taping everything together until it works. We all have very little experience with C# and even less with Unity, so we would deem this project a moderate success.

Challenges we ran into

Getting stuck on seemingly simple mechanics and a lot of bugtesting. Lots of iterations in gameplay until we arrived at something that seemed fun and also doable by our skill level.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

How entities interact in Unity, the hugely useful Tile Management tool, vectors, forces, velocities (the physics part was a doozie). And most importantly, prioritizing the most important features.

What's next for Waffleton Tower Simulator

FIXING ALL THE BUGS. Which would pretty much make it perfect.

made by Andrius Girdzius, Findlay Smith, Rokas Gudavicius, University of Edinburgh 2018

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