Students have problems staying focus in the 2-hour Engineering seminars. And we want to change that.

What it does

The machine that we built shoots a little cushion at people who have not been participating enough in seminars, to remind that they should engage and contribute to the discussion more, while having a little fun.

How we built it

We built the mechanical component with wood, motors and servos. Also, we used Arduino to connect all the components together.

Challenges we ran into

The shooting mechanism was challenging since we did not have a motor of any sort that was powerful enough to shoot the cushion out like a solenoid plunger. However, we eventually solved the problem with creating a slingshot.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The machine allows up to two degrees of freedom when shooting the cushion.

What we learned

During this experience, we learned how to create a machine under time pressure.

What's next for Waffles

Finding the next problem that UofT students encounter in their courses, and change that.

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