Most of the people are on budgets, so to help them maintain the budget they are following we made this app to reduce their power consumption resulting in reducing the bill amount they have to pay.

What it does

it helps the user to balance their electricity usage, water usage and also when it doesn't need to use high amount of electricity we can change to Eco-mode; which allows user to have control over the electric devices and water pressure, and if user is travelling we can switch to Travel-mode; which basically turns off the power of the house except the required devices like refrigerator, and in case of no internet access to the user, he can give one-time access code to his neighbor to enable the travel mode.

How we built it

for now we applied this idea on android platform but we will work on it to provide it on iOS.

Challenges we ran into

we couldn't find a solution to reduce power consumption when it changes to low power mode without adding new devices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the idea that helps people to reduce their power consumption and maintain sustainability. allows people to set their budget of their bills.

What we learned

team work time management work under pressure find solution for real world problem

What's next for Waffer

Implement it in real-life turn houses to smart house by controlling all electric devices use solar power while in Eco-mode

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