What it does

Using AR technology, Wae FindAR helps you find the best route to your destination with Knuckles helping guide you through da wae at each turn.

How we built it

Knuckles and his footsteps were rendered with Unity and the app was built with Android Studio using Java. The landing page website for our new startup was created using basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the right idea that would turn us into millionaires, rendering Knuckles in the right places or at all, using the right API's and using them correctly, learning how to make HTTP calls on Android, having to deal with sync and async calls in different threads, getting the AR from Unity to work with the Google Maps application and essentially every aspect of the app was challenging but we pushed through!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The map works and we achieved a working AR.

What we learned

Essentially everything the team did was all new to us.

What's next for Wae FindAR

Fix up the AR to work with the actual map to get Knuckles as an actual floating avatar through the use of animations and a more distinctive UI. Implementing blockchain in the near very far future and having our ICO in Q2 2018.

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