A quick journey on Facebook today reveals an interesting, yet sad fact: Out of all the friends we have on Facebook, in reality, we hardly talk to even half of them as much as we'd like to. Maybe, there's this one really super duper cool guy or gal that you wouldn't mind being closer friends with, but for some reason, you two aren't. Or perhaps, you just want to find new people to hang out with. Wadoo, the mobile app we developed, aims to solve this problem by the power of events.

What it does

Wadoo links to your Facebook account in order to have access to your many friends and provides a Tinder-like experience. However instead of choosing people, you choose events! Events can range to many different things, such as going out to see a new movie, trying a new restaurant, playing a game of table tennis, or discovering new things to do. Different kinds of events are generated and displayed to users, based upon their interests. If you and and a friend both happen to match on an event, you both are able to see that in order to encourage reaching out to each other. By doing so, we hope that people are able establish new and strong friendships.

How we built it

Wadoo was built in React-Native and connected to a SQL database in the backend. We decided to build the mobile application in React-Native, as doing so would allow us to ultimately extend across different platforms in the future.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many problems trying to make database queries with Microsoft Azure and Firebase using Javascript. Documentation for both was not extensive, so it was difficult trying to build complex queries. In the end, we were unable to properly connect Wadoo to a database. Additionally, we suffered from many emulator issues that halted development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With two of our team members being completely new to React-Native, we are ecstatic that we were able to build an application that captures the basic functionality that we desired.

What we learned

We learned a lot about React-Native and the pros and cons that come along with using it. Although it isn't as widely supported as some other languages, React-Native offers a great deal of flexibility.

What's next for Wadoo

We hope to successfully set up Wadoo's backend in the near future. Additionally we plan on polishing up Wadoo's interface while adding more functionality in the form of server generated suggested events based on interests.

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