Start key - return to main menu
D-Pad - to move objects in the scene
Two-dot button - action button (OK)

Instructions to play:
Once the level has started, look at the control panel and press OK to start the session. Locate the spawn point (the container looking thing), look at it and press OK to spawn the penguin. Move the blocks around with d-pad while looking at them to help the penguins to reach the spaceship to return home.
when penguin digs up a fish and offer it to you, please collect it by pressing OK while looking at that penguin.

Have fun!

P.S. we did everything in 4 weeks. It's very unpolished, and not very optimized. Only had about 2 days in the end to the play testing. We will make this game much more fun after the game jam!

The game will be divided into levels within 3 minutes of gameplay each.
Each level consists of 3 sections and two checkpoints in between.

The goal of each level / puzzle is to lead a specified number of creatures from their nest to the goal point. Additional objectives include:

  • Rescuing stranded and hidden creatures throughout the level.
  • Collecting objects with the creatures.
  • Completing the puzzle within a time limit.

VR Gameplay

  • Lean forward to "zoom in" and get closer to the level.
  • Creatures will pluck food and offer it up to the player. The player must lean in and get closer to the creature in order to receive it.
  • Periodically, asteroids or space debris will threaten the creatures by falling onto the level. To protect the creatures, the player must turn to face the threat, then shoot using the gamepad to destroy it.
  • Angry creatures will roll up snowballs and throw them at you. Snow will accumulate on your spaceship's window. Use windshield wipers to clear it off.

Enhanced By VR

  • The sense of depth in VR will highlight the player's perspective as a looming, god-like presence, observing the creatures below.
  • The levels, like detailed dioramas or doll houses, will attract the player to get close, scour the environment and look for secrets. This effect will be complimented by the depth and sense of immersion created in VR. Falling snow in the icy environments will be enhanced by the sense of depth in VR.
  • VR will enhance the player's sense of place and identity. As pilot of a spacecraft, the player will feel immersed in the cockpit of the ship, able to view the ship's controls and mission information placed around ship's window. (if time permits)

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