Ever wanted to get a recipe that fits your needs and products that you already have at home? Well, it's fortunate that WadaWada has developed a Python GUI that utilizes the Wegmans API in order to get all the data of Wegmans vast recipe list.

What it Does

If a customer has a number of ingredients and would like to use them in a recipe, they can easily list out all of the ingredients into the entry box and then the app will compile all the recipes containing those items. After navigating through the list that not only contains the recipe name, but the recipe ID-- the customer is able to select a recipe ID to retrieve the recipe and then also see what ingredients they are missing. Then, they can easily pick up the remaining ingredients from Wegmans and begin to cook a delicious meal at home! This could greatly help those who are in need of saving money by utilizing the items they have at home, as well as allowing people who are indecisive of their meals to pick a filtered version of Wegmans' 1915 amazing recipes.

How We Built It

We all had agreed to work on something simple yet at the same time take the opportunity to learn a new language at the same level: Python and help Wegmans API create a dynamic app for convenience.

Challenges We Ran Into

Unfortunately, we are not as well-versed in API software as we thought we were. As young undergraduate students, we had yet to learn this in a class. We also had varying levels of knowledge in terms of our libraries so we had trouble figuring out how to import the data from Wegmans API.

What We Learned

Our group is full of strengths and we wanted to be able to apply it to our very first hackathon together. Three of our members have never been to a hackathon before. Not only are we a diverse group with different engineering majors coming from Syracuse University, but we all know a variety of languages including Java, CPP, Bash, Scheme/Lisp, etc. We worked well with good communication skills.

Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

Despite being new at the hackathon, we are proud of being able to learn Python within 6 hours.

What's Next for WadaWada

  • Search recipes by spice level
  • Search recipes by type (i.e sweet, savory, etc.)
  • Suggestion box for recipes
  • Include substitutes for ingredients

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