Whatsapp, Slack, Telegram are some of the most used apps today. Our life and social connections revolve around them. We use these apps to connect individually and through groups/ channels etc. I have even seen Whatsapp being used in many organizations that don't use Slack. These platforms feel very personal and direct and we share and interact with them more than larger social networks like Facebook. But there is a lot of efficiency that can be added to how we interact with these apps. WACAO is one way of achieving this!

What it does

WACAO (Whatsapp Chat Assistant) takes over the heavy lifting for you. All you need to do is provide instructions. ** For example, if you are away from your phone just for an hour or two, there are 100+ messages across all your groups. WACAO will summarize and highlight the important messages for you so you know whether to browse through them in more detail. ** ** Do you want to chat with a colleague or friend who doesn't understand your language. Right now you need to copy-paste from Google translate into whatsapp. But WACAO handles this interaction for you seamlessly. ** ** And all this while you are in full control of your own data - it doesn't make any additional connections or use any third party apps - it only uses the Whatsapp Web interface. **

How I built it

Make use of the whatsapp web interface as a hack way to read messages and view notifications. Create a WACAO group of your own with only yourself in it. This becomes the gateway for your instructions.

Challenges I ran into

Working with javascript is quite difficult especially for someone not used to it like myself. Thankfully I was able to get started using the github project - I was then able to add a lot of functionality to it for satisfying my particular use cases.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to achieve two important use-cases (Summarize and Translate) that I had listed when I started out. In addition, smaller features like Do Not Disturb, Birthday wishes are also included.

What I learned

Some larger features that would enable WACAO to work with pictures and gifs was not possible in the limited time and effort (one person). If I had been able to convince more folks with Javascript experience to join the project, I think we could have build out full functionality.

What's next for WACAO! - The Whatsapp Chat Assistant

I will work towards making the summarization API more precise and meaningful to handle more types of chat groups. I will contribute all my additional changes to the original project that I was inspired from so that others can use it as well.

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