Institution led us to the idea that it will be fun to listen to the voice of ordinary things.

What it does

This app changes photos of your real stuff into an instrument with sounds based on the characteristic (color, shape, etc.). You can enjoy creating music by these instruments with your friends. You can also mix those instruments to generate a new instrument and its sound and they are stored in eluvio content space.

We only a new music generation method but also gives your goods new value. We’re happy if this app gives new value to ordinary things.

How we built it

We created (though some parts are in WIP) this by Unity, OpenCV, and eluvio.

Challenges we ran into

This was my first project on Ethereum and though I had some experience in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monacoin (first altcoin in Japan) so I had to start from learning how to use those technologies and libraries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Function to recognize objects and save images.
  • Generation of melody from captured images. used color etc. as a parameter.
  • Convert acquired RGB to HSV
  • Using an audio filter or arrangement audio file
  • H(Hue): Unimplemented
  • S(Saturation): Sharpness of the sound
  • V(Value): Pitch, Chord

What we learned

How to deal with jetlag.

What's next for wabisabi

We would like to finish the entire product.

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